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Valentina Browning

Architect – Head of Business Development
Valentina is an experienced graduate architect here at 8Architecture. Valentina was born in Venezuela, where she studied and graduated as an Architect. She has got extensive architectural experience not only in Australia but from all over the world. She is skilled in the use of many architectural programs including Revit (Autodesk Training Centre course), Rhino (Rhino Labs Barcelona course), AutoCad, Photoshop and more, and boasts a diploma of Architecture from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas. Valentina has spent time as a junior Architect for GITC Architects, MM-AC Architects and completed freelance work for multiple employers.

Valentina will have key input into:

  • Design development
  • Documentation procurement and management
  • Contact with clients and other project stakeholders
  • Coordination with consultants and providers